Hello, and welcome! Thanks so much for coming by to find out more about New Covenant Church of God. Without a doubt, we are sure you will find a ton of useful information on our site, and we can not wait to be able to worship with you on Sunday morning. Our morning celebration is every Sunday at 10:30 am.

New Covenant Church of God has been around for some time, but our purpose has stayed the same. Our purpose is to simply proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To love, witness, and minister to our community, by providing a safe and understanding environment to help nurture spiritual growth and welfare. To find out more about us Click Here.


What to Expect

Many questions may be racing through your mind on what to expect when you come to New Covenant Church of God. Hopefully, this site helps you find your answers. First, do not worry, you will not be singled out or put on the spot as our guest. To find out more Click Here.


Location & Service Time

New Covenant Church of God, is located at:

7023 W SchoolHouse Ln, Rt 24 — Peoria, IL 61607

Our Service times are:

Sunday Teen Ministries 9:45 AM
Sunday Celebration 10:30 AM
Sunday Discipleship F.U.E.L. 6:00PM

New Covenant Church of God Events Calendar